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Sacrifice [Oct. 8th, 2008|03:43 pm]
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[Current Location |Hotel Congress]
[Current Mood |artistic]

Cabaret, Burlesque, Fetish, beautiful boys and extreme divas.
Join us for a night of spooky thrills, political perversion and sensual sin!
This is our last full show this year, so don't miss it!

October 18
Club Congress

Doors open at 8, Show starts at 9.

MC'd by Hometown Herm and Terry
Followed by a Bang!Bang! dance party DJ'd by Matt McCoy.

$12 Limited Seating, $8 General (available now at www.hotelcongress.com)
$6 with costume or Pride bracelet (available at the door)


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Cirque Du Sin: Tutus and Top Hats [Aug. 19th, 2008|10:28 am]
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This Saturday!

Cabaret, Fetish, Burlesque, Tribal Belly Dance, Live music, and a kick-ass after party with Matt McCoy and special guests! We've got it all!

How else are you gonna spend your Saturday night?

Dress up and come early to take a pic in your Tutu and Top Hats!

Doors open at 8 - Show starts at 9 (no foolin - be there on time!)

$10 VIP if you wanna table, $8 if you don't mind standing.
go to: www.hotelcongress.com to buy tics (hurry cause they sell-out fast!)
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May 24th, 2008 [May. 13th, 2008|03:26 pm]
[Current Location |Club Congress]

Cirque Du Sin: Deliberate disobidience.
Prepare for a provacative night full of extreme indulgence in sensual pleasure. We will entice you with cabaret, burlesque, beautiful boys and extreme divas.
Beginning with a voodoo fire pre-performance and ending with a free Bang Bang! dance party - this is a night you don't want to miss!
Doors open at 8.
$8, $10 VIP

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